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Latest Electric Cars

2011 Nissan LEAF
hybrid cars
NO Gasoline
Very Quite
Green Car
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Chevrolet Volt
hybrid cars
Electric car
Battery provides up to 64 kilometers per charge
Automatically uses gas after the charge in the battery is depleted
Technology beyond the battery
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Tesla Model S
hybrid cars
Up to 482 kilometers range per charge
45 minute QuickCharge
Zero emissions
Unrivaled handling and performance
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Tesla Roadster
hybrid cars
Sport version of EV cars
Superior handling
Elite construction
Zero emissions
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Fisker Karma
hybrid cars
High performance
Electric luxury vehicle
100 MPG/160 km achievable
403 horsepower, a 483 km extended range
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Cars works without Fuel ...NO Benzene
hybrid cars
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hybrid cars
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Hybrid Overview

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Why do you prefer to drive EV car?

To save money

Clean for the environment

New technology

It is the future car


Battle of the Hybrid Titans


The first two hybrids to hit the US market back in late 1999/early 2000, were the Insight and Prius. Well, it is back to the future. Nine years later, these two hybrid titans will once again dominate.

The next Toyota Prius will be unveiled at the Detroit auto show in January 2009. The third generation Prius will be bigger and more powerful. The engine will grow from 1.5 liters to 1.8 litersgiving a boost in horsepower from 110 to 160and the body will be three to four inches longer and about an inch wider. The combined US fuel economy rating will exceed 50 mpg, by keeping the weight down to current levels and re-engineering the powertrain to extend the range of all-electric gas-free driving.

The next Prius will not offer plug-in capabilities and will continue to use nickel metal hydride batteries, rather than switching to lithium ion batteries.

Right around the time the new Prius arrives, Honda will be shipping its revitalized Honda Insightperfectly priced several thousand dollars below the Prius. At $19,000, the 2010 Honda Insight will be the most affordable high-mpg vehicle on the market.

The new Honda Insight will be more practical than the earlier Insight. It is a five-door hatchback with ample room for five passengers. The aerodynamic design borrows elements from Honda is FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle, and bears resemblance to the Toyota Prius is iconic hatchback profile. Honda is pinning its hybrid resurgence on the Insightand plans to follow in future years with a Honda CR-Z hybrid and perhaps a Honda Fit hybrid.


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